Bring Your Own In-Flight Movie

New airport rental service can also ease 'layover blues'
Posted November 14, 2000

Just in time for the holidays: As airport retail is growing to tap the huge and growing well of travelers, a new service, Inmotion Pictures (Jacksonville, Fla.), is renting out a little entertainment.

Presently, the full service is available to people traveling between nine airports, including Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International, Denver International, Minneapolis-St. Paul International, Philadelphia International and Portland International.

For $10 a day, passengers waiting to enplane can rent a portable DVD player and one movie to watch anytime before boarding, en route, or after they've reached their destination. Rented hardware must be returned to a participating airport -- but if a customer has only rented a DVD, it can be mailed back to the proper location.

The company currently has more than 150 film titles in its repertoire, including comedies, new releases and family films.

To read about other new amenities for the increasing consumer population passing time in airports, have a look at the December issue of "VM+SD."