British Retailers Yet to See Post-Election ‘Pickup’

British Retail Consortium says thrifty shoppers are reluctant to spend
Posted February 11, 2020

Though business surveys noted a pick up in the economy post-December 2019 election, the British Retail Consortium says that spending habits have yet to change to reflect this.

The online shopping trend has continued to be a downfall for retailers, and “thrifty and environmentally aware customers” are hesitant to spend excessive money, according to the Guardian.

“[A]s sustainability continues to rise up the agenda, many customers are switching to more environmentally friendly products or simply choosing to buy less.” The British Retail Consortium (BRC) Chief Executive Helen Dickenson told the Guardian, “Across the U.K., retailers are facing tighter margins as a result of weak consumer demand and increasing costs, including sky-high business rates.”