Custom Signage

The Vomela Companies
Posted January 25, 2018

Petco knows that people like to spoil their pets. When they wanted to create an experience that would delight dog owners in their search for treats for their furry friends, they turned to this company to fulfill their needs. The goal was to create highly visible signage to direct shoppers quickly and accurately to the right treats for their pets. The success of the project relied on Vomela’s array of services and experience with large-scale project management. This included producing customized pegboard designs using a litho print method, as well as screen and digitally printed elements, which included shelf and channel strips, aisle violators and dimensional headers. To complete this quick-turn project, Vomela created four different kits with 36 unique items per kit, more than 3500 total kits, and delivered them in just four weeks to 1400 store locations across the North America.

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