Donut King

Atlanta, GA
Posted March 23, 2000

Eui H. Sung, a Korean emigré, has developed a low-fat doughnut recipe, and has opened several "Donut King" franchises in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the homespun doughnut-shop design was not only graphically challenged, but inconsistent from store to store.

Enter Lorenc-Yoo Design. With a low budget and no strategy for rejuvenating his stores, Sung entrusted the interior design and graphics to Lorenc-Yoo Design. The result is a simple, colorful interior that incorporates low-cost materials without appearing cheap.

The designers conceptualized a sunrise theme. The chair design features a round backing with a hole cut out to mimic the featured product. The cranberry-red color is part of the primary color palette, which includes yellow accenting and a blue counter and kitchen. In the dining area, round, cream-colored tables feature light-gray inset circles, which subtly continue the doughnut theme. And with the addition of vases, it's clear this is no Dunkin'Donuts.

The ceiling panels feature alternating white and light-blue painted squares that add color, mimicking a sky above the rising sun. Yellow-and-white striped soffits over the counter reiterate the "rising sun" motif. To continue this theme, the white menuboard, shaped like an eye appearing to wake up, is suspended from the ceiling with black aluminum posts. The duo designed a simple, slatted circular graphic, which is actually a sparkling vinyl that mimics the look of etched glass. The main identity sign incorporates the logo in blue-neon backlit channel letters, which are mounted individually above the door. Smaller, colorful coffee graphics add color and fun to the door.

Design: Lorenc-Yoo Design, Roswell, Ga. -- Jan Lorenc and Chung Youl Yoo, principals in charge; Steve McCall, designer

Client Team: Donut King, Atlanta -- Eui H. Sung, owner

Suppliers: Duran, Devoe, Pratt & Lambert (paint); Nevamar/ International Paper, Odenton, Md. (laminate); CISU, Atlanta (vinyl flooring); US Gypsum, Chicago (ceiling); Trinidad, Atlanta (doughnut chairs); Station to Station, Atlanta (posters); Designers Workshop, Atlanta (tables and signage)

Photographs: Rion Rizzo, Creative Sources Photograhy, Atlanta