On the Edge, Part V

City Paws Home Health, Columbus, Ohio
Posted July 16, 2014

International Visual Competition First Place:  In-Store Accessories, Beauty or Shoes Presentation
City Paws Home Health, Columbus, Ohio
“City Paws”
Faith Bartrug, Faith Bartrug Design, Columbus, Ohio

At City Paws, the welcome mat says it all: “Pets Welcome (Humans OK too.)” For Faith Bartrug, redefining public perception of veterinary care meant injecting humor and fun into its design for home veterinary service provider City Paws. “We spent hours researching the neighborhood, customers, their pets and what they care about. My client’s passion for pets helped,” Bartrug says.

The resulting store features punchy colors, bold and bossy dogs, curated product and a station to schedule home health visits, all underscored by unapologetically canine and feline voices. 

The front window graphic shows one dog greeting another in the unique way that only dogs do, and signs hang from dogs’ noses throughout the store giving their opinions of what to buy. The back wall is cat-centric with a huge neon sign that says, “Meow!”, a custom dimensional yarn ball, and cat toys in old-fashioned goldfish bowls.

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