On the Edge, Part VI

Shoppers Stop Ltd., India
Posted July 21, 2014

International Visual Competition First Place: In-store Seasonal Promotions
Shoppers Stop Ltd., India
“End of Season Sale”
Arden D’souza, customer care associate & head, visual merchandising

As India’s leading retail department store chain, Shoppers Stop wanted to connect with its customers in a new way during the popular end of season sale at each of its 66 locations. The store drew from its core values to create a concept that would be both fashionable and socially responsible. “Society generates a lot of trash each day; what we do with this is always a challenge,” says Arden D’souza of Shoppers Stop.

D’souza asked his team to create garments out of discarded newspaper at every store, resulting in a variety of dresses and other creations using only scrap materials. The colorful and vibrant design created a buzz that had crowds lining up to take selfies next to the sculpted work. “To achieve this in India is quite amazing,” says Michael Brindley of Fitch, who pointed to constrained budgets Indian retailers often face.

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