The Fairyland Premium Kids Café Debuts an Educational Concept

Located in Dalian, China, the space is set at 6243 square feet
Posted July 28, 2020

Designed by Wutopia Lab (Shanghai), The Fairyland Premium Kids Café is the first educational family restaurant in China, mutually owned by PACEE Education.

The space’s exterior comprises punctured aluminum panels, creating a ripple effect, meant to visually blur the lines between reality and fantasy. The lobby at the entrance is surrounded by 1000 illuminated acrylic tubes simulating sunlight shining through thick layers of leaves. This leads into the dreamy central area (dubbed Cloudy Town) that features acrylic clouds, slides, treehouses, a carousel and a hidden ball pit. Bordering Cloudy Town is the eating area for kids and families.

Other visual draws include the Golden Castle at the edge of Cloudy Town that includes candle lights, a faux fireplace and shiny silverware. In addition, a dance area behind red velvet curtains – containing neon lights, wallpaper, a wood floor and crystal chandeliers – provides a place for kids to let loose.