Flag Infringement Goes To Court

Tommy says, 'Hands off my icon.'
Posted August 1, 2000

Clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger Corp. is suing Goody's Family Clothing (the Knoxville, Tenn.-based discount clothing chain) to stop the sale of alleged counterfeit apparel. Goody's is charged with selling clothing that sports unauthorized imitations of Hilfiger's trademark flag logo.

Hermes was another fashion brand not flattered by imitation. However, it was recently vindicated in a two-year dispute with New York Retailers Lederer de Paris Fifth Avenue and Artbag Creations for selling copies of its fashionable accessories. Hermes'famous "Kelly Bag," was among the knock-offs. Although the retailers did not use the designer's name, the courts ruled such practices "harm the public" by causing "post-sales confusion."