Flower Power

New York's Melissa Shoes creates a hanging garden
Posted August 26, 2014

Part shoe store, part art installation, New York’s Melissa Shoes has brought a flutter of color to SoHo, with suspended ceiling decor made of more than 20,000 translucent flowers. Like a hanging garden, the vibrant, rainbow-hued installation spans the length of the store.

The store, dubbed “Galeria Melissa” for its constantly rotating exhibits, is featuring the flowers for spring/summer 2014. Flowers are affixed to a structure composed of 4000 laser-cut pieces of stretched polyester film (Mylar) to create the effect of a natural, suspended canopy of flowers. The project was created by New York’s Softlab design studio.

And this retailer is unique in more ways than one: Each pair of sustainable, plastic footwear it sells is recyclable and “complete with a tutti-frutti scent.”

Photography: Jason Rodgers, New York