Future Shop Adds Electronics Store in Vancouver

New concept store with smaller footprint is web integrated
Posted November 1, 2012

Burnaby, B.C.-based Future Shop, Canada's largest retailer and etailer of consumer electronics, is unveiling its first small-format store called Futureshop.ca, filled with the latest tech-forward products. The 5000-square-foot store will be located in North Vancouver, BC., and is about one fifth the size of a typical Future Shop location.

The new store concept creates a seamless experience between in-person and online shopping within 5000 square feet of retail space and 1000 top-selling products in stock. More than a dozen tablets and desktop computers are placed throughout the store giving customers access to the company’s full portfolio of products offered online. Sales associates are also equipped with a tablet to assist customers with their purchases, including sharing demonstrations and price comparison shopping.

Next month, Future Shop will open a second Futureshop.ca store in Brockville, Ont. The electronics retailer operates 149 stores across the country.