Hugo Boss, New York

Poetic display celebrates Valentine’s Day in New York
Posted February 22, 2010
MP Vday (2).jpgHugo_Boss-11.jpgMP Vday.jpg

To celebrate the annual Valentine’s Day tradition, Hugo Boss channeled the poetic verses of Walt Whitman inside the windows of its 14th Street store in New York’s Meatpacking District.

In concert with the store’s edgy vibe, the display mixes new and vintage elements, including the words of Whitman’s poem “To a Stranger.” A solo tailor’s form stands atop rustic packing crates. At the foot, a single red rose in a bud vase draws attention to a vintage typewriter that holds a piece of paper where Whitman’s poem appears. A large white panel serves as a backdrop to the display while also displaying the full-length poem, which was published in 1855 as part of Leaves of Grass.

“I like the fact that the person viewing our window can read the poem in different ways,” says Lisa Chamberlin, director of visual merchandising at Hugo Boss. “It can have a unique meaning to them.”