Norwich, U.K.
Posted March 23, 2000

It's a bake shop -- it says so right on the sign. But in addition to offering home baking supplies and utensils, Ingredients also boasts a bakery and a coffee shop. With store design and identity by Fitch, London, the store features homey kitchen counter-esque fixturing and shelving and an eye-catching, dictionary-style logo with a huge flour-scoop emblem. Packaging, garments and dishes also bear the Ingredients logo. Six new stores are planned to open this year.

Design: Fitch, London

Suppliers: Ecsec Ltd., Cambridge, U.K. (audio/video); Vitra, Weil am Rheim, Germany (furniture); Primo, Enfield, U.K. (furniture); Amtico, Atlanta (flooring); John Anthony Signs Ltd., Essex, U.K. (signage/graphics)

Photography by Chris Gascoigne, London