JCPenney Drops Apple Pay

The decision was announced via a customer complaint on Twitter
Posted April 22, 2019

JCPenney (Plano, Texas) has stopped allowing customers to use Apple Pay in its stores. The retailer originally began testing the functionality in 2015 and subsequently rolled it out to all U.S. stores in 2016, according to Tech Crunch.

According to Tech Crunch, JCPenney says the move was brought about by the April 13, 2019, deadline for supporting EMV contactless chip functionality in the U.S. All terminals available at U.S. merchants that accept contactless payments must now support EMV contactless chip functionality.

Instead of making the adjustments, JCPenney stopped provding customers all contactless payment options altogether. JCPenney didn’t make an official announcement until a customer complaining on Twitter about not being able to use Apple Pay in store received a reply from the retailer, briefly explaining its decision.