KFC Opens in The Bronx

The new store features a mobile pick-up area
Posted March 23, 2020

KFC made its urban home in New York’s Bronx with a new design reflecting the location’s vibrant and fast-paced atmosphere. The Louisville, Ky.-based restaurant teamed up with FRCH Nelson (Cincinnati) to create a “playful juxtaposition” between southern hospitality and the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. This contrast is highlighted by the combination of different materials and finishes, such as warm wood accents and industrial exposed brick.

Bright and energetic signage runs throughout the space, boasting “it’s finger-lickin’ good,” in classic KFC fashion. This new location offers flexible seating arrangements and ordering options such as bar seating and a mobile order pick-up area to keep up with New York’s “on-the-go” culture. This store is part of a collaborative strategy to connect KFC with its consumers through non-traditional formats.

Photography: Richard Cadan, Fairfield, Conn.