Let the Auditions Begin!

Bloomingdale's features interactive tech in its holiday "Sing" windows
Posted March 23, 2017

Partnering with NBC Universal (New York), New York-based Bloomingdale’s presented “Bloomingdale’s Sings for the Holiday,” which featured interactive displays in its 59th Street and Third Avenue, New York, store windows to promote the 2016 film “Sing.” The windows included the lovable cast of characters from the animated children’s film, as well as clips from the movie playing on digital signage in the background. The windows pulled passersby in to participate by singing their “audition” to one of the film’s tunes (recreated versions of well-known pop songs). Integrated digital menus allowed participants to browse the list of songs, and once they made their selection, they could sing along into microphones attached to the glass as they read the lyrics on the screen in front of them. 

According to Leigh Ann Tischler, director, window design, Bloomingdale’s, it’s one of the retailer’s most successful interactive window campaigns to date. “Kids were fighting to get to those microphones, so they could sing and hear their voices being played through the speaker on the sidewalk,” she says. And while many retailers have, in some way, tried to incorporate social media participation into store windows, she says it has to be something people truly want to share to be successful. “People want a big ‘wow’ moment, like they’re singing, or they can take their picture in front of it. It’s all about getting that selfie picture so they can post it on Snapchat and Instagram.”