Levi's Jeans for Women Shop

Macy's Herald Square, New York City
Posted March 6, 2000

Womanly curves -- in all sizes and shapes -- are the inspiration behind the Levi's Jeans for Women Shop at Macy's Herald Square store. You'll find them in the undulating lines of custom furniture, on shapely mannequins, in laminated-glass panels and a ceiling canopy and in the looping script of words imaged on custom carpeting.

The 3200-sq.-ft. shop, targeting women 15 to 30, includes a focus area whose boundaries are marked by the black-and-cream carpeting, a cantilevered ceiling canopy and laminated-glass panels behind the lacewood-veneer cashwrap. Morla Design, San Francisco, paid close attention to detail, creating comfortable dressing rooms equipped with custom carpeting, light fixtures, furniture and hardware. Huge photo murals are another attention-getter. Backwalls are equipped with high-capacity maple shelving topped with interchangeable category identifiers that provide a sort of valance over the jeans grids.

Photography: Cesar Rubio Photography, San Francisco

Design: Morla Design, San Francisco (planning, interiors, fixturing, carpeting/calligraphy, lighting, graphics, furniture)

Suppliers and Fabricators: Fixturing, Wood Flooring, Furniture, Graphics: Fun Display, San Francisco Carpeting: Bentley Carpets, City of Industry, Calif. Fabrics: Brookwood, Gardenia, Calif. Mannequins: Bernstein Display, Astoria, N.Y. Music: AEI Music Network, Seattle Photography/Murals: Sheila Metzner, New York City