Cancun, Mexico
Posted March 23, 2000

Liverpool, Mexico's leading department store, opened this two level 90,000-sq.-ft. store in Cancun's central business district in November 1998. Situated just miles from Cancun's beach resorts, the design by FRCH Design Worldwide, Cincinnati, features a relaxed ambience in keeping with the local character, as well as Mayan architectural influences, to stay true to the local culture. Small niches, similar to those used for displaying statues of the Virgin Mary or Christ in traditional Mexican homes, are built into the walls above perimeter fixtures and are used to highlight key merchandise. A cafe in the men's department accommodates families shopping together, and an in-store chocolate factory reflects that candy is a major profit source for Mexican department stores. The store also contains a large sit-down restaurant in deference to the local tradition of eating lunch or dinner in the department stores.