Living Light in London

Hedonism Wines adds pedestrian allure with a nightly video projection in Mayfair
Posted August 28, 2013

London’s Mayfair district is known for high-fashion brands, stores so exclusive you need an appointment just to shop in them. When Hedonism Wines launched a boutique there, they turned the super-posh district’s exclusive vibe upside down, welcoming anyone on the street – still, admittedly, a restricted population – a chance to browse its selection.

And at night, when the shop is shuttered, light from a 3D video projection moves along the floors and ceiling in a way that mimics champagne bubbles – a request only a wine purveyor could make.

The idea is to draw in future customers with a sense of mystery and intrigue, according to Keith Bradshaw, a principal at Speirs + Major (London): “The light is suggestive of a ghost moving across the store and disappearing; it creates a dramatic, evocative feeling of something being not quite right in the store. That was intentional; it creates a memory of the space.”

Inside, the temperature-controlled store is simple and functional, but not reverential, featuring exposed brick and concrete. A top floor features champagne and white wine, with a focal chandelier made of upended wine glasses leading to red wine displays in the vault-like lower level.


Hedonism Wines, 3-7 Davies Street, Mayfair, London from Speirs + Major on Vimeo.