Macy’s Debuts Story Activations

Opening in 36 locations across the retailer’s portfolio
Posted April 11, 2019

Macy’s (Cincinnati) has launched an in-store version of Story (New York), the unique retail concept it acquired in 2018 (also named VMSD’s 2018 Peter Glen Retailer of the Year).

Since Story’s beginning, the original 1600-square-foot store on 10th Avenue in Manhattan switched over its merchandise and in-store theme every four to eight weeks – a concept based off a magazine.

Now Macy’s is bringing Story in store and launching it in 36 locations across its portfolio. The first theme will be “Color,” which will feature a rainbow of merchandise. For most locations, the activations will average 1500 square feet, while the location at Herald Square is more than 7500 square feet, according to Forbes.

The “Color” theme will run through June 26 until it’s replaced by a new experience.