Momo Fusion Bar, Cyprus

Mood lighting illuminates Cyprus dining scene.
Posted May 12, 2008

Momo Fusion Bar and Restaurant is a stylish canteen catering to those with a taste for exciting, contemporary ethnic cuisine. So owners, the Varoshiotis Group, wanted to back up that cutting-edge menu offering with a vogue restaurant design.

Leather sofas, exotic flowers, modern oriental art, dark wood and natural bamboo are some of the touches that set the mood within the dining area or at one of the two bars.

Splashes of color are also used throughout to accent the lively environment. At the main bar, eight dichronic colored spotlights controlled via a remote driver (from Martin Architectural) create a dramatic backdrop. The illuminated wall becomes an expressive background to the hip and happening Momo scene while washing the space in color.

Client: Varoshiotis Group, Cyprus

Lighting: Disk Jockey Suppliers Ltd., Cyprus