New Beginnings, Part V

Bergdorf Goodman renovates its first-floor period rooms and jewelry salons with modern opulence
Posted September 25, 2017

Renovated for the first time in roughly 25 years, Bergdorf Goodman’s (New York) legendary New York flagship at the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue underwent an extensive overhaul that aimed to create a cohesive vision between the store’s first-floor period rooms and jewelry salons.

While the original interior had a historically French influence, its refreshed concept takes cues from the more contemporary aesthetics of ’20s and ’30s French design. Teams from Bergdorf Goodman and MNA (New York) worked closely on the project, with the brand’s tastemaker and Senior VP, Director of Women’s Fashion and Store Presentation, Linda Fargo, at the helm.

Bergdorf Goodman, New York / Photography: Thaddeus Rombauer, New York

A consistent color and lighting palette was used throughout, along with custom fixtures and materials to lend individuality and enhance the luxurious feel. To reflect changes in consumer expectations in retail, a mix of open-sell and vitrine merchandising was vital to the store’s updates.

Bergdorf Goodman, New York / Photography: Thaddeus Rombauer, New York

“One of the objectives was to make the shopping experience feel more accessible … catering to a more modern sensibility,” explains Michael Neumann, principal, MNA. “However, we didn’t want to eliminate some of the ritual of shopping for a really wonderful handbag. You want that presentation to have a certain formality, because it is a special gift.”

Competition judges admired the project’s attention to detail in the use of its custom fixtures, as well as its unified look. “I like the whimsical use of the materials in this,” judge Bosserman said.

To enter VMSD’s 2018 Retail Renovation Competition, stay tuned for the announcement of the call for entries, early next year.