Nordstrom a ‘No-Growth Retailer,’ says UBS

The investment banking company says the department store is losing sales to lower-price rivals
Posted July 3, 2019

Analysts for UBS (Basel, Switzerland) recently unveiled research that concludes Nordstrom (Seattle) is a “no-growth retailer,” explaining that the department store is losing both sales and customers to lower priced rivals, Retail Dive reports.

UBS explained that Nordstrom was formerly the go-to source for weddings and other special occasion apparel, but it’s been affected by customers looking elsewhere for lower prices as well as the growing trend of casual wear.

UBS stated two areas of improvement could be “…better loyalty program execution in the second half of the year and a new fashion cycle that could dive sales,” but stated the new fashion cycle helping sales is “a low probability scenario,” according to Retail Dive.