Online Brands Opening Hundreds of Stores

A new report predicts that digitally native companies will open 850 stores in the next five years
Posted October 12, 2018

A new report predicts that retail will see a surge in brick-and-mortar new store openings from brands that got their start as online-only businesses.

According to Chicago-based JLL, digitally native brands—such as Casper (New York), Adore Me (New York) and Allbirds (San Francisco), which have all already begun opening physical locations—are set to open 850 new stores over the next five years.

The report states, “The clicks-to-bricks retailers’ expansion plans demonstrate the value these brands place on having a physical presence with which to engages shoppers.”

As a part of that expansion, New York is expected to be the top destination for both pop-up shops and for brands’ first permanent locations. Other popular cities for bricks-and-mortar stores include Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to Retail Dive.