Opportunity Knocks

The International Retail Design Conference (IRDC) will feature a pre-conference event exploring cannabis retail design and strategy
Posted August 1, 2018

Six years ago, Washington became the first state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Since then, eight more states, plus Washington, D.C., have followed suit. On the medical side, 30 states, as well as the District of Columbia, have made some form of cannabis available to patients with a qualifying condition.

The ramifications on the economies of these states is already evident. There are more than 450 retail dispensaries in the state of Washington, and this year, retail sales there are expected to reach nearly $2 billion. Despite a mind-boggling array of cannabis related events and trade shows, quality information on retail strategy and design is still badly needed in the marketplace.

The full effect on the retail industry is yet to be seen, but it’s clear that practitioners of commercial interior design in ours, and other industries like hospitality, are hungry for guidance on how to merchandise this atypical product and how to best design built environments among the constraints and considerations unique to the market.

For these reasons and more, VMSD is taking a leadership position at this year’s IRDC in Seattle to bring our audience a pre-conference event dedicated to providing cannabis retailers the critical information they need to wrap their arms around the most mission-critical concepts and philosophies that are top of mind for any retailer in the 21st century.

As co-chair of the event, along with Megan Stone, Owner, Interior Designer, the High Road Design Studio, we are assembling an expert array of respected authorities to deliver case studies, conduct panel discussions and educational sessions, designed to provide actionable takeaways for those engaged in this burgeoning and dynamic industry.

For those hoping to find their way in these uncharted waters, stay tuned for more information at irdconline.com and be sure to join us in Seattle this October!