On Our Radar: J1M5 Boutique, Qingdao, China

This multi-brand boutique uses an adjustable layout to share cutting-edge fashion trends
Posted February 19, 2021

Designed by Various Associates, J1M5 is multi-brand shop located in Qingdao, China, that uses a suitcase as its main design concept. Referencing the flexible features of a suitcase, the designers created movable, rotating cabinets, so the overall store layout can be adjusted any time. The sides of the cabinets feature stainless steel rails that can display merchandise while the interior is used for storage. Each cabinet can serve for displaying a single brand or be used to highlight bags, clothes and shoes. Mirrors at the end of the space add visual depth and create the sense of an infinite space.

Photography: Courtesy of Shaofeng and Various Associates