Phoning it In

London’s iSmash aims for big impact with first brick and mortar store
Posted January 6, 2014

Specializing in the repair and customization of smartphones and tablets, iSmash (London) was looking to expand from its online business channel to create a brick and mortar store to drive consumers to its services and customization studios.
It tasked Green Room (Birmingham, United Kingdom) to develop the brand’s first physical point of interaction with customers and create an engaging journey from start to finish.

“It was important that we stuck close to the iSmash brand guidelines, whilst still injecting creativity, flair and a unique angle within the space,” says Mike Roberts, creative director, Green Room. “We achieved this through the bright, clean and striking look and feel. Personality was injected into the space through product merchandising, trial areas and space to interact with staff.”

A challenge was changing brand perceptions. Primarily, iSmash was seen as a smartphone repair company; they wanted their first store to champion their customization services and change the traditional customer journey.

“We addressed this by working closely with the client to identify the points of contact with the brand,” Roberts says. “Through merchandising, layout and store design we were able to highlight this key business offering and drive intrigue and bolster take up of the customization services.”

The store is split into three zones: the Personalization Studio, Repair Lab and Protect and Enhance area. By segmenting the store, the brand was repositioned as a design-driven service and not just a repair shop.

The open-plan space allows customers to see repair work and customization on their devices and highlights staff professionalization in order to build customer trust.

“The challenge with consumer technology-related brands is that they can often seem overcomplicated, confusing and even clinical to consumers,” Roberts says. “By creating a light, bright and streamlined space, we aimed to dispel these feelings.”

Building on the reported success of the Kings Road store, which opened last fall, iSmash recently announced plans for a second store on London’s Canary Wharf.