Portfolio: Doppio Malto Brew Restaurant, Rome

This restaurant concept's latest flagship features the ambience of a 'working factory'
Posted April 23, 2018

Foodbrand, a Milan-based leader in the food service industry, recently discovered a prime location for its new Doppio Malto Brew Restaurant next to the famed Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Opening a flagship in a high traffic tourist location in the Eternal City provided an opportunity to test the commercial potential of the brand with a new audience. To help execute its vision for this new Roman hotspot, Foodbrand contracted Visual Display (Udine, Italy), a creative firm specializing in branding and interior design.

Translated, Doppio Malto means “double malt,” and double malt beer is clearly the focus inside, where customers can enjoy their brew paired with an ideal dish.

“The [restaurant] is an experiential demonstration of the passion, values and vision of the brand,” says Chiara Endrigo, Project Manager and Co-Founder of Visual Display. “Every communication tool inside the restaurant tells the story of Doppio Malto.”

The menu is written and designed to resemble a local newspaper, while a separate menu features its beer selection, describing in detail their aroma, ingredients and color, as well as the volume of each offering. The unique process of brewing craft beer is also explained with infographics and text through an in-store communication panel system.

The overall concept, based on the mood and feel of a working factory, marries the mechanics of an industrial environment with warm woods and padded chairs to provide a cozy and comfortable experience. Industrial elements are spread thematically throughout the space: Silos referencing the process of beer production are on full view along with exposed piping on the ceiling, and the flooring, furniture and walls have a rough and slightly distressed look, complementing the unfinished metal and industrial glass partitions that divide the space. 

Industrial lamps and metal sinks in the washrooms continue the reference to an old factory or workshop.

A focal point of the space is the “Wall of Fame.” In a nod to the heritage of the brand and its 12 distinct tastes, the subway-tiled wall celebrates the more than 70 international awards presented to the brewery.

Overhead backlit signage that simply reads, “Beer Shop,” is strategically positioned in several locations throughout the space to emphasize the nuances of a brand that, according to Endrigo, “was born of a journey, a dream and a desire.”