Product Spotlight: Fixtures

The latest in innovative store fixtures
Posted June 19, 2019

Fixtures are the mainstay of any retail environment: from classic displays to clothing racks to shelving, these coveted products are a must-have when it comes to almost any store. This time around, geometric shapes, like hexagons, triangles, octagons and squares, are allowing retailers to add new visual interest without a messy renovation. Storied materials like metal and leather are making a comeback in order to outfit these shapely fixtures with classic details; the resurgence of wood textures is especially prominent for trendy rustic and airy styles. Minimal in design, these geometric styles are usually outfitted with LEDs and ample space for merchandise. The below product selection is just a taste of some eye-catching fixtures now on the market.

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The Urban Collection from this company features rustic pine and metal fixtures for polished presentations. Including an a-frame centerpiece, compact shelving, a storage cabinet and a table set, it compliments a contemporary style.


This Custom Wire Cross Merchandise Rack promotes impulse buys and cross-brand merchandising. Made for easy access and functionality, it features three racks for newspapers, six display hooks and 12 gift card hooks.


Kendu In-Store Visual Solutions
Transform a space instantly with this futuristic and eye-catching LED Smartframe. These 3-D displays come in a range of sizes for easy installation and multiple uses.


Bernstein Display
Upholstery, metal and wood fuse together for tables and ottomans in the Stacker Collection. This collection is intended to display jewelry and accessories with a compact and clean design.


Holiday Foliage
Using octagons as its center design, the Trap Merchandiser Collection mixes metal and plywood, adding texture to its shapely display. Rustic and minimal, this display compliments the merchandise and adds a fresh personality to any store.


OK Works
Clean lines and intuitive design intersect for the sleek, double-sided applicator station, the Offset Outpost Fixture. Side shelving with no wasted space provides ample room for displaying products.

Morgan Li
This company designed a storefront display for the Away flagship in Chicago. With square stone fixtures, aluminum, acrylic, LEDs and the stunning textured wall, this display is at the apex of modern design.


Unique Store Fixtures Ltd.
Micro LEDs and exterior cove lighting illuminate this custom, art-deco feature wall. Using a variety of shapes and sizes, this could be the centerpiece for a range of spaces.


This Free Standing Double-Sided Literature Fixture with a steel frame is built for customization. Smooth walls and modular holders are ready for graphics, literature or signage.


Silo Retail
This illuminated golf display brightens stores and catches eyes. It can be customized with high-gloss lacquer, LED light boxes, six horizontal shafts and two shaft holders.