Raise a Glass

Italian-based Damilano ditches traditional displays at its second wine shop
Posted February 21, 2012

In choosing the design for its second wine shop, Damilano (Barolo, Italy) wine company took inspiration from its original retail location, but added a few eye-catching twists when it came to displaying its bottles of reds and whites.

Working with designers at F.LLi Groppo (Sommariva del Bosco, Italy) and Boglietti & Associati (La Morra, Italy), traditional shelving is put on a slant, creating a sense of movement as well as a draw to the store’s backwall. The oblique racks and doors are bottom-lined with oak wood in parquet style strips. Additional display units include wooden boxes for individual bottles and iron metal frames.

A display for wine glasses is made of extra-clear crystal and UV-glued to maximize visibility.

Other details inside the wine shop include a sign with the company logo internally illuminated in a tempered frosted glass box. In the store window, a collection of wooden boxes – each containing a bottle – appears to fall from the ceiling.

Project Suppliers

Retailer: Damilano, Barolo, Italy

Design, architect, general contractor and furniture: Groppo F.lli –
Sommariva del Bosco, Italy

Design Studio: Boglietti Associati - La Morra, Italy

Photography: Dominici, Torino, Italy