Robust Reinvention, Part V

Pirch, Glendale, Calif.
Posted September 17, 2014

First Place in VMSD's Renovation Competition
Conversion – Specialty Store, Sales Area Over 10,000 sq. ft.
Pirch, Glendale, Calif.

Submitted by: Fitch, Columbus, Ohio

“Trying to describe this experience is like trying to describe the color red,” says Joanne Putka-White, design director, Fitch (Columbus, Ohio), of the Pirch store conversion. Indeed, where else can you find a showroom with a trained barista, hospitality-style meeting rooms and functioning fixtures in every vignette?

Formerly a department store, the space featured an awkwardly placed escalator. And, unlike Pirch’s other high-bay locations, this luxury mall environment lacked high ceilings and a clearly defined space due to sporadically positioned columns.

A big challenge for the design team was activating the displays. Putka-White says 496 penetrations had to be made through the concrete slab floors and ceilings to run all the utilities: “This isn’t just fixtures on the floor – it’s highly complex.”

Pirch customers, according to Putka-White, enjoyed browsing the showroom but longed for something physical to take home. The solution? Fitch created the Live Joyfully Boutique that features a curated collection of about 250 domestically sourced home products.

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