Sensorial Playground, Part V

Jimmy Choo's Via Condotti locale showcases apparel in a historic setting
Posted August 21, 2019

International Visual Competition First Place Winner
In-Store Accessories/Beauty and Shoes Presentation
"Jimmy Choo Via Condotti"
Submitted by: Christian Lahoude Studio, New York

Located on the fashionable Via Condotti in Rome, this Jimmy Choo store is housed in a historic building – one that can’t easily be altered. While Christian Lahoude Studio (New York) was able to update some elements inside after they were brought on to update the space (revealing formerly hidden vaulted ceilings, adding new materials), much of the location had to rely on minimal upgrades and a strong visual merchandising strategy to enhance the customer experience.

“It’s an old European structure, so the rooms are not very big,” says Christian Lahoude, Founder and Creative Director, Christian Lahoude Studio. To drive shoppers through the space, designers installed gold travertine in the connecting portals outlined in LEDs, signaling the continuation of the journey.

Another strategy the design teams employed was a strong VM statement inside the doorway. “We have used this [fixture] in other cities, but in this case, because of the size of the rooms, we had to adapt it and change the location of it so it worked in the space,” says Lahoude. “It allows customers to see the new product as soon as they enter, as opposed to what’s on the walls, which is usually the classic collections.”

As is befitting the luxury merchandise, apparel is displayed on floating fixtures with breathing room between product and rich materials to elevate the aesthetic. However, the merchandising stood apart for the 2019 competition judges due to its integration into the design of the interior, as well as the creativity and interest of each shelf.

“Each section of the fixtures is merchandised very different,” says competition judge Jalpa Patel, ZenGenius. “Even the furniture and the way the fixturing system is designed helps support the VM.”

“They were artful with the merchandising; someone spent a lot of time arranging and curating the product presentation,” says Jim Kelly, Macy’s, another competition judge.

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