Sensorial Playground, Part VI

Pandora's pop-up causes a buzz in Sydney
Posted August 28, 2019

International Visual Competition First Place
Temporary/Pop-Up Retail
"Pandora Shine"
Submitted by: YourStudio, London

Talk about immersion! This sensorial pop-up designed by YourStudio (London) debuted at the Pitt Street Shopping Mall in Sydney last year for Danish-based jewelry brand Pandora to promote its new gold range of products, dubbed Pandora Shine.

Using inspiration from a bee/honeycomb motif that appears on a golden Pandora charm, the design teams imagined the pop-up as an oversized, honeycomb-shaped beehive, drenched in a rich golden metallic material. Equipped with “humming hubs,” the pop-up invited customers to experience the sounds and smells of a beehive, while LED panels mimicked the movement of bees throughout the space.

Jewelry was situated in the center of scent-infused, gold-plated flowers, encouraging customers to get up close and personal with the product. (The scent-infused flowers were also placed outside, drawing passersby.) A .gif booth captured shoppers’ experiences, which were sent via email or text so they could share on social media. Upon exiting, shoppers were treated to an edible gold-covered ice cream cone (“nectar,” as Tom Edington, Associate Director, Experiential, YourStudio, calls it), completing the multisensory experience.

One of the challenges behind the project was creating the structure itself. “Any normal person would say, ‘Let’s place a structural pole in the middle,’ and the central pole could take the weight,” Edington laughs. “We wanted it to be realistic and pure, so we had to make the whole outside of the structure an architecture piece, as well. That was a challenge trying to work out how each individual beehive piece got put together to make a structurally sound dome.”

During its first three days, the pop-up saw a reported 4249 visitors and garnered 10 million impressions from media coverage; Pandora’s closest permanent location enjoyed a 128 percent uptick in sales.

The judges were just as impressed as the customers the pop-up serviced during its run. “This is very unexpected for this brand, and it’s beautiful,” remarked 2019 competition judge Haley Kunka of ChangeUp.

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