Special Product Focus: Lighting

The latest in lighting products for retail
Posted August 28, 2018

This product coverage complements VMSD's September edition, which has a focus on lighting for retail. To view the products that were published in the print and/or digital edition of the magazine, please click here.

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Acclaim Lighting
Canvas is a simple, yet powerful, DMX controller intended to design and alter color schemes for permanent installations. It can store up to 80 pre-sets as well as 60 timer-controlled events to produce precise lighting control.


This company’s TB-2100, a UL 924 classified LED emergency driver for Type B T8 LEDs, provides a retrofit solution for existing fluorescent troffer and strip fixtures working as emergency lighting systems.


Available in a wide range of painted color options and metal finishes, this company’s Shaper 1400 and 1800 series of architectural pendants offer mix-and-match color options as a standard.


This company is launching fixtures fitted with Dynamic Beam Shaper (DBS) technology, which delivers variable optics that can vary the beam opening using digital input. Its Cloud, CCT Led and LEDO products will have the tech available.


Elemental LED Inc.
Give your space a nostalgic feel with Neon Blaze. Featuring “Zero Line Diffusion” technology, its color is reportedly saturated from end to end. Choose lengths up to 65 ft. in a variety of colors. Field-cuttable with several mounting options.


Designed in collaboration with David Meckley and Huntsman Architectural Group, the Metropolis Wall Sconce features a 3-in. illuminated cylinder profile. An aluminum core bisects the fixture into two operated hemispheres. An optional perforated mesh diffuser adds visual texture.


Boyd Lighting
Only a few inches wide and recessed into the wall, Elements LED In-Wall can be used for wayfinding. At 3- or 4-in. tall, these fixtures are ideal for commercial spaces. Its steel outer frame comes primed for painting or is available pre-blackened.


Looking to upgrade? Use this retrofit solution which uses wireless controls to achieve energy savings. It includes Sylvania Smart + LED lamps and luminaires, as well as Leviton Lumina RF wireless controls and sensors, and uses a Leviton Neuron mobile app.


Get modern with the Las Lamp. Comprising an aluminum structure, its LED source is concealed – two sources point upward to diffuse light, while another points downward.


2nd Avenue Lighting
These Obsidian Pendants include a tear drop-shaped Idalight diffuser. Its overall height ranges from 55.5-in. to 90.5-in. Custom diffuser colors, finishes and sizes available.


Original BTC
Hand-made at this company’s Stoke-on-Trent factory, the Sopra shade works similarly to standard downlights. It comes in plain, ridged or quilted and features a diffused, soft glow.


A flexible, adhesive light strip, LinearLight Flex Diffuse comes in two varieties that bend in two directions. Its silicone reflexes the light in different directions for bending side to side, vertically or as if around a sphere.


Turn your “dumb” bulbs into smart ones using this company’s Smart product. Manufacturers are provided with the WiFi module, smartphone app templates and access to Amazon AWS or the Alibaba Cloud.


WAC Lighting
This 2-in. Volta is similar to this company’s 4.5-in. family. Ultra-compact with glare control, this product comes in six architectural grade finishes, selectable outputs up to 1600 lumens, your choice of trims and four beam angles.


Made from hand-blown, clear glass and frosted glass shapes hanging on a colored metallic fabric, Stigma creates bright, eye-catching compositions. Choose between single lights or chandeliers, or hanging a single lamp, on a single wire.


Petite Friture
The contemporary Cherry encompasses a simple metal cone and a shimmering golden sphere attached to a Plexiglas base. Designers Daniel To and Emma Aiston say the cherry on the bottom references novelty erasers.


Skram Furniture
New to the Arak Lighting collection, this sconce includes three arms that stem down from the cast bronze hub, while its diffusers are available in a variety of decorative options.


Tala LED
Voronoi III measures 16-in. by 10-in. and is reportedly the largest sculptural LED bulb ever made. Inspired by the patterns of trees in forest canopies, it features an oversized organic shape.