SnackBox, New York

RDI's 2011 Store of the Year
Posted March 23, 2012
snackBOX 20111021_7691.JPGsnackBOX 20111026_7924.JPGsnackBOX 20111026_7930.JPGsnackBOX 20111026_8200.JPGsnackBOX 20111026_8211.JPG

SnackBox, a 20-foot long shipping container turned gourmet hotdog stand, is grabbing attention in New York’s Times Square, as well as in the retail design community, taking home Store of the Year honors in the Retail Design Institute’s 2011 annual store design competition.

Designed by Aedifica (Montreal), the self-contained unit works off the grid using grey water supply tanks and a hybrid energy system. The box’s upper section of walls pivots upward into steel awnings to provide shelter for customers, while at night, it closes back up into a box. Its black-and-white-striped design contrasts with the nearby neon surroundings. For more on the RDI Awards, go to

Photography: Cesar Nicolescu, New York