Spellbound, Part IV

TD Garden's ProShop leverages visual to satisfy fans
Posted August 18, 2020

VMSD International Visual Competition – First Place
In-Store Apparel Presentation
"Boston ProShop Powered by '47"
Submitted by: Bergmeyer, Boston

Talk about the power of visual! Boston’s Celtics basketball and Bruins ice hockey teams don’t just share a venue – they share a gift shop, too. Set at 6878-square-feet, the TD Garden’s ProShop had to accommodate both team’s apparel without overpowering one another. Often times, Stan Kubinski, Principal, Bergmeyer, explains, games for both teams take place on the same day, which presented a challenge for instore associates trying to keep everything stocked and organized.

“Most of our perimeter shelving, our hero walls, our jersey walls, our fixtures, are all flippable. On the backside, we have full replenishment of the other team, or back-stock. If it’s a single game, they can have back-stock on those fixtures. In a matter of minutes to an hour, they’re able to completely changeover the store,” Kubinski says.

Beyond the displays, the overall visual merchandising strategy was intended to drive excitement and help fans feel connected to their team. “We wanted people to feel like they were a part of the action,” says Kubinski. “The mannequins throughout the store are athletically built and were set up in gear to make you feel like these were the athletes inside the store. To get the blood kind of pumping, to make you feel like, ‘hey, I’m part of the game.’ ”

The space also needed to be flexible in order to accommodate press conferences, signings or special player events, therefore fixtures are easily movable throughout. “The old space didn’t do those things, so we had to make this one super flexible and with built-in technologies, lighting and sound systems to support those activities,” Kubinski says. “The interactive lights tie into the building’s main system, so if there’s a goal or a special event that happens, the entire ProShop celebrates that through lights.”

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