The Ultimate Mall Network

Plasma screen technology will unite 240 U.S. shopping centers
Posted November 8, 2000

With the future installation of high-tech p-o-p plasma screen technology in mind, Paris-based JCDecaux is beginning the installation of advertising kiosks in 80 U.S. shopping malls this year. One of the first installations will be at Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati.

While the first generation of these will be of the traditional backlit-panel variety, the company expects to replace them soon with plasma screen units that will allow advertisers to run full-motion video ads by remote satellite transmission. The company says its goal is to link the kiosks by satellite in more than 240 U.S. shopping malls to form what it calls the "Ultimate MallScape Network." The network will allow retailers and brands to change or set up advertising in different parts of the country with a single phone call.

Mall operators and their retail tenants are expected eventually to take advantage of the advertising medium, but the early supporters have been the brand marketers, such as Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Co., Universal Pictures, VISA International and Disney.