ThirdLove Reimagines Customer-Centric Lighting

The lighting in the brand's New York SoHo location helps drive the experience
Posted March 17, 2020

San Francisco-based bra and underwear company, ThirdLove, recently debuted its first brick-and-mortar location in New York’s SoHo.

ThirdLove collaborated with Focus Lighting, the New York-based lighting design firm that did extensive research and testing to determine the best fitting room design to complement women of different skin tones and heights.

Women-led teams from ThirdLove and Alda Ly Architecture and Design (New York) weighed in on the design process as they built a full-scale version of the dressing room to experiment with paint colors, mirror shape, size and lighting.

“The final design reimagines [the fitting room] experience in a way that makes women feel at home and empowered,” says Focus Lighting’s Project Leader Anna Krutsenko in a statement.

ThirdLove uses fixtures throughout the fitting rooms programmed to three lighting scenes – dubbed unoccupied, daylight and twilight – depending on occupancy and the needs of the customers. Color-changing LEDs are also used in the “boob-shaped” call lights placed outside of each fitting room, allowing customers to subtly indicate when they need assistance.