VMSD is celebrating 118 years in print
Posted May 14, 2015

What does VMSD have in common with “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”? L. Frank Baum! Author of the literary classic, Baum was an original editor of VMSD (The Show Window back then). As a founding editor, beginning in 1897, his main editorial focus was window displays and forms, publishing a book on window dressing by 1900.

The perfume display in a Lazarus department store window (second photo in the slider, above) is from our Feb. 1922 issue. “The splendidly draped wax figure, the proper use of flowers to designate the various odors of perfumes, gave a ‘punch’ to this showing that was bound to produce results.”

VMSD is celebrating 118 years in print this year. We’re proud to share our industry legacy, both here and online. Look for us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram) – and share your favorite VMSD memories.