Tommy x You

How the demand for customized apparel has driven a tech revolution for Amsterdam’s Tommy Hilfiger flagship
Posted March 17, 2019

Customization is becoming 2019’s retail industry buzzword. Tailored personalization of a product, whether in sizing, style or embellishment while you wait, is tempting customers to step back into brick-and-mortar stores. With this in mind, Amsterdam’s new Tommy Hilfiger anchor store picked up the mantel. “Everyone wants something individualized,” says designer Carmela Brewer of rpa:group (Surrey, U.K.). “With this capability, we can draw shoppers back into the store. That’s where the tech comes in.”

Something of a showpiece, this store had “more investment opportunities available into providing a focus on the customer journey,” for its makeover than other locations, says Brewer. It has a nautical feel, a throwback to the preppy age of Tommy, with soft edges and subtle illumination. A clean white finish, made homey with wood touches and warm lighting, is accented with touchscreens in each section.

“Once RFID goes live in store, these screens will recognize the product the customer is holding and feed back information on different sizes, colors, outfit suggestions, customization options and more,” Brewer explains. The integration of the digital shop into the physical one enables a seamless experience for the customer, with sales assistants able to immediately locate a product that’s been spotted online.

Digital monitors throughout the store allow shoppers to access Tommy’s entire online catalog, especially convenient for out-of-stock items, which can be ordered and delivered free of charge to the shopper’ home.

Thanks to a second design phase that incorporated the People’s Place – a built-in cafe on the second floor – customers can linger over coffee and interact with the brand through touchscreens embedded in the bar. It’s also where they can request customization of their purchases thanks to an embroidery station “This gives the space a hands-on feel,” says Brewer.

By offering customers a memorable way to shop, with interaction and innovation, brands like Tommy are increasing footfall, upping price points for unique products and creating a one-of-a-kind experience. A winning combination.