Uniqlo, Red Gallery – Miniature” 09 Spring Preview

Best in Show, VMSD International Visual Competition
Posted August 7, 2009
Red gallary_1.jpgRed gallary_2.jpg

By Anne DiNardo, Managing Editor

Uniqlo decided to use scale to bring excitement and emphasis to its spring clothing collection, which hit stores in late December 2008. A display box in the center of the New York flagship was covered in red vinyl, expect for 30 small, framed openings. Inside each, a miniature mannequin dressed in a key, doll-sized piece of clothing from the spring collection was positioned behind a magnifying glass. In total, 30 looks focusing on polos, colored denim and outerwear were featured in the display using fabrics and colors from the line.

Judges applauded the display for creating anticipation of the line in a very museum-like but fun and interactive display.

“It totally captures your imagination and draws you in,” says Steve McGowan, one of this year’s judges and executive creative director at Landor (Cincinnati). “You’re going to look at every one of those.”

Retailer: Uniqlo USA, New York – Mihee Yi, visual director; Jean-Emmanuel Shein, marketing manager

Outside Design Consultant: Grafconect, Carl Odhner, New York (display and vinyl

Photography: David Herrenbruck, New York