Visual Vanguards, Part IV

Hudson’s Bay, Toronto
Posted July 21, 2015

Non-Holiday Window Display
“Mother’s Day Windows”
Hudson’s Bay, Toronto

Talk about doing the dishes! Each display Hudson’s Bay created for its Mother’s Day windows featured a scene incorporating dinnerware – from cups and saucers to cake stands, as well as broken plates.

With the theme being rolled out to other HBC locations, vendors stepped in to source props. For a uniform appearance, Ana Fernandes, creative national director, Hudson’s Bay, and her team had to specify very precise details, like how the broken plates should be fractured. “It was a bit hilarious working with the broken plates, because even that had to be a science, believe it or not,” Fernandes says.

One hurdle was creating the illusion of an endless sea of dinnerware – Fernandes and the creative team “came up with a vinyl background that mimicked stacks of plates,” while cake stands in another window were substituted with painted wooden props fastened with dowel rods to avoid toppling.

And what does a retailer do with hundreds of plates and cups at a campaign’s end? Hudson’s Bay donated the usable items to local area shelters.

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