Visual Vanguards, Part VI

Timberland, Stratham, N.H.
Posted July 27, 2015

Holiday Window Display
“Give a ____.”
Timberland, Stratham, N.H.

‘‘It was an idea to change the consumer mindset around [the fact that] we’re not just a boot brand,” says Keith Taylor, global visual manager, Timberland, of its winning display.

To showcase the brand’s breadth of product for the 2014 holiday season, Timberland set out to create an informative focal point for its annual window campaign. The displays featured signage that read: “Give a ____.” A digital sign above the blank line rotated images of the brand’s available apparel. It also caught the attention of passersby (and this year’s judges), with its implied humor.

The biggest challenge was making the concept flexible for all locations – some of Timberland’s stores have windows as small as 4 feet, so it was important to make the display scalable. Another hurdle was expanding the concept through the brand’s omnichannels – via its website and social media – so the motif was seamless between the retailer’s physical and digital presences.

“When you [consider] the attention span of a customer walking by, this would catch my attention,” said Joe Baer, co-founder, ceo, creative director, ZenGenius (Columbus, Ohio), one of this year’s judges.

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