VM Trends: Antidote, Miami

This Miami-based boutique features a modular setup
Posted August 21, 2018

Antidote, an ethical fashion retailer whose Miami flagship was designed by Atelier de Yavorsky (Miami), follows its own distinctive merchandising strategy, marked by minimalism and modularity. 

Located in Miami’s eclectic Wynwood Art District, Antidote features a soft but sophisticated color palette and natural materials as the backdrop to the store’s sustainable, high-end fashions.

“We replenish our merchandising assortment weekly, maintaining a constant rotation,” says Sophie Zembra, Founder and CEO of Antidote. “We are very much a concept shop and like to surprise our customers by pairing unconventional pieces within our displays; we are all about unique discoveries.”

Attention-grabbing VM statements are made through the use of the colorful, geometric display shapes, set at varying heights, used to showcase accessories and apparel. Though the space is compact, the shapes visually complement the interior rather than overcrowd it. This minimalist approach, with limited quantities on display racks and shelves, also helps mitigate any potential for overwhelming the eye.

“I feel a lot of brands and retailers are incorporating functionality into their design aesthetic, whether it’s a garment that has various uses, or a space that is easily transformable, playing with fixtures and shapes that can be moved around constantly,” Zembra says. “We did this with the integration of modular fixtures, which also gave us a solution to our limited storage.”

Additional product is displayed on copper racks and copper shelves in restricted quantities. To add another layer of uniqueness, artisans and millworkers were brought in to help create signage and custom fixtures.

“We focused our work and reflection on how to display the merchandise,” says Guillermo de Yavorsky, Founder of Atelier de Yavorsky, about approaching the initial design of the space. “These days, stores can be so complex. Sometimes you go into stores and your eyes are bombarded … you may lose focus. We wanted to do the opposite and calm it down. Now they show very little of their merchandise, in terms of quantity.”

In the end, Antidote proves there’s some truth to the saying, “less is more.”


Antidote, Miami

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