VMSD Launches Brain Squad

Join our new focus group comprising retail design and visual merchandising professionals
Posted November 20, 2020

VMSD is introducing a special opportunity for our readers – a chance to join our new focus group of retail design and visual merchandising professionals, the VMSD Brain Squad. Now open to visual merchandising and retail design executives working at retail organizations and their agency partners at design and architecture firms, Brain Squad members will be contacted monthly via email for opinions, ideas, insights and experiences. We’ll then publish selected responses in VMSD, as well as in feature articles on vmsd.com.

After completing each month’s survey, Brain Squad members will receive access to some of the industry’s most current data on sales – including your fellow members’ full comments on what works to engage the shopper (and what doesn’t), plus the invaluable opportunity to exchange views on key business practices. Ready to get valuable data and amplify your voice within the retail design industry? Go to vmsd.com/brainsquad and sign up today!