Walmart Discontinues Jet Black Service

The shop-by-text service will end after only two years after failing to expand outside of New York
Posted February 13, 2020

Walmart (Bentonville, Ark.) has announced it will discontinue its Jet Black (New York) service and the technology will be folded into Walmart’s main business. In an effort to transition Jet Black to Walmart’s main customer base and out of “incubation,” the company will "focus on how to leverage Walmart's infrastructure to make conversational commerce scalable," a spokesperson told Retail Dive. 


Initially launched as a means to offer convenient shopping to people in urban areas who may not be able to reach a Walmart, it has been reported that Walmart was losing money maintaining this service. 


The Jet Black technology will now be used to benefit Walmart’s broader business operations, Retail Dive reports. 


Walmart Discontinues Jet Black Service | VMSD


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