Walmart Opens ‘Intelligent Retail Lab’

“IRL” is designed to test the use of AI at retail
Posted April 25, 2019

Walmart (Bentonville, Ark.) has opened a concept called Intelligent Retail Lab, or IRL for short. The concept was designed to test artificial intelligence in a retail setting, according to Business Insider. It includes a data center with 100 servers that customers can view through plate glass windows in the back of the space.

Located in Levittown, New York, the 50,000-square-foot store is centered on the usefulness of AI at retail.

"Customers can be confident about products being there, about the freshness of produce and meat. Those are the types of things that AI can really help with," Mike Hanrahan, CEO of IRL, said in a statement, reported by Business Insider.

Other things the AI will track in store is the amount of shopping carts stocked and how many registers are open.