Career Opportunity: Chute Gerdeman Inc. VP, Business Development and Sales

Posted June 4, 2015

Chute Gerdeman, Inc. | Columbus, OH USA
Chute Gerdeman is an award-winning strategic brand and design firm employing over 60 people with an office in Columbus, OH. Founded in 1989 by visionary leaders Elle Chute and Denny Gerdeman, CG has grown into a multi-disciplinary brand experience company with a global presence. Known for creating unforgettable environments, compelling communications and innovative business strategies, CG connects client, customer and brand. The firm’s core capabilities include intelligence, brand, design and implementation with expertise across a wide range of retail, restaurant, service provider and CPG brands. The CG team works within a beautifully restored brewery building, built in 1885, in downtown Columbus.
The primary role of the Vice President of Business Development and Sales is to create and execute the sales department go-to-market and operational strategies to achieve business objectives. This role partners with the marketing and sales team and other leadership and studio team members in order to take qualified leads to closed revenue-generating business for the firm. The Vice President of Business Development and Sales is also responsible for sharing insights and information gathered in the sales field with the marketing teams, so that the overall target marketing plans can accommodate any real-time insights and information that can provide revenue-generating leads, opportunities and revenue-generating business for the firm.
Additionally, the role is responsible for taking qualified prospects/leads and client opportunities from our outbound/inbound efforts to ‘closed-won’ status and generates increased revenue for the firm. This role has a defined sales target and will bring business into the firm that generates required margins for increasing new revenue.
·       Develop and execute the company sales strategy and manage all sales and business development operations; evaluate national and international sales strategies ongoing
·       Develop and execute strategy for targeting key markets and accounts within the retail, restaurant, and CPG sectors
·       Direct and manage sales department employees; evaluate need for ongoing training and development within the team
·       Develop and implement sales incentive programs
·       Responsible for driving the company’s achievement of its customer acquisition and revenue goals
·       Build key customer relationships and implement strategies for expanding the company’s customer base
·       Follow a consultant-led sales and qualification process for increased success in sales cycles
·       Manage the overall sales process and develop pricing policies
·       Constant learning and sharing of new prospect/client needs while in the field via requests, meetings, and calls back to marketing and the firm
·       Coordinate with the marketing department to establish and direct channel and distribution programs
·       Lead and assist in using branded and consistent sales collateral, sales presentations, and sales proposals provided by the marketing team
·       Proactive learning of new skills, new software, and new sales techniques that track, measure and help the marketing and sales teams collaborate for increased closure rates and generate revenue for the firm
·       Adhere to the proper collaboration and management of the sales assets for the company
·       Provide an information loop back (with information) to the outbound marketing efforts for the company via the marketing software platform and applications being used at the firm
·       Full use of and responsible for the administration of Salesforce (primary) and other company-used applications, like Evernote for sharing discussions and generating interest from other team members to help close qualified leads
·       Build and implement creative call-to-action maps/plans based on targeted and qualified buyers and work with sales and marketing support to implement
·       Conduct competitive analysis on any qualified leads, so that any follow-up discussions can be addressed from a consultancy-led and/or trusted advisor approach
·       Awareness of what industry competitors are doing, and knowledge of pricing, compensation and distribution
·       Minimum 10 years of sales, business development and/or a blend of a few years experience in consulting is required; experience within a creative agency, design firm or architectural practice is a plus
·       Marketing, Sales, or Business Administration Degree required
·       Willing and able to travel
·       Strong leadership skills with experience hiring, supervising, developing and mentoring sales team members
·       Proficient in database management and sales software (ex: Salesforce)
·       Strong analytical and networking skills
·       Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal; ability to ask questions and listen keenly to others (internal and external)
·       Ability to work with internal and external clients/partners needed to develop presentation materials, sales materials, and proposal materials in the most efficient manner
·       Proficient in presentation software such as PowerPoint, SlideShare and/or Keynote
·       Ability to leverage content, information, and research on client into presentation package that a prospect/client will respond to effectively
·       Organizational and program management skills, with the ability to work with others and make sure ‘loops’ are closed within the company on qualified leads to close business for the firm
·       Passion, excitement, and energy about taking qualified leads to a ‘closed-win’ status for the firm
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Chute Gerdeman, Human Resources
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