Highly Creative, Christmas & Holiday Sales Executive for NYC Metro Area

Posted December 26, 2013

Chief Creative Director for Christmas & Holiday Sales in the NYC Metro Area;
Parker3d & Parker Holiday the leading holiday display companies in the US, are looking for a upscale, sophisticated, knowledgeable hands on designer that is also a superb sales person.
You will create amazing displays for the NY, tri-state area but mainly Manhattan.
Your clients will include, large buildings, lobbies, hotels, department stores, retail, casino’s, hospitals, movie sets, etc. This is a year round career!
The position entails marketing and meeting with the client. Generally the client will offer you creative license. You will then come up with your own original concepts, meet with them and modify your creations to their needs. Parker utilizes lighting, music, props, animation, sculpture, visual displays, projections, lasers, etc., for all displays including holiday displays but predominantly Christmas.
We have on staff or at your disposal; graphic artists, sculptors, lighting experts, artisans, welders, painters, carpenters and operations experts in your team. You will also have at your disposal, a large facility, office, estimators and other staff.
Experience with high-end holiday displays, relationships with the creative community, an innate talent to work with the best designers in NY, a history of your own amazing artistic creations, an understanding of logistics and solid work history, would be extremely helpful. Only the most talented individuals will be considered.
You will report directly to the owner who will empower and support your success! Salary plus commission. This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Most team members stay with Parker longer then any position they have held in other companies!
If you work primarily on a computer, this is probably NOT the best position. We are looking primarily for an artist or/and sculpture who can sell and has a general understanding of materials, electrical, logistics, etc.
Apply in confidence; hr@parkerplants.com, www.parker3d.com, www.parkerholiday.com. 1325 Terrill Rd. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076