Plans for Summer: Picnics, Popsicles, and Point-of-Purchase?

Posted July 17, 2015

While it’s easy to get caught up in the smell of a freshly lit charcoal grill, the sun warming your face and a cold drink in your hand, it’s important to not lose track of the need to plan ahead. Days are already growing shorter and summer is flying by.
Looking forward to the months ahead, we thought we’d share how you can plan your last minute summer vacation and begin thinking about your future point-of-purchase needs both at once:
Pick where you are going!
When you know where you want to go, it’s easy to work toward that goal. If you have picked your destination, planning will become easier as the trip is more concrete.  In retail, you need to pick your destination as well. Understanding the primary objectives of your project will help you better achieve your overall goal. Understand the key benefits of your display for your brand, the retailer, and the consumer.
Know how long you’ll be gone!
When you plan a trip, cost is always a concern. But you’ll never know the cost of the trip unless you first know how long you plan to travel. In retail, you must know how long your solution will be in the field. This affects the length of the service agreement, planning for spare parts and the materials used.
When you decide the length of the trip, you typically decide what time of year you plan to go. In retail, you need to decide when you want your solution deployed. The time for design, manufacturing and deployment all affect the overall concept.
Stay Focused
When it comes to your vacation, it’s easy to get caught up in what others want and all the extra offers. It’s important to remember why you wanted to take the trip in the first place and what you want to get out of it without going overboard. In retail, remember the objective of your display and the expectations you had for it. You may like what a different brand has done but it’s important to stay true to your brand identity and the needs of your customer.
When you’ve decided where you’re going, what to do and how long you’ll be there, you can narrow down the cost of the trip. Make sure to research your costs and then start saving so you have enough for the trip and do not spend too much while you’re gone. In retail, the budget establishes the foundation for a project. It ensures that the resources of time and talent will be used efficiently and result in the best outcome.
Book your trip
When you book your trip, you research the best deals. As you’re searching for the cheapest airfare or hotel rate on KAYAK, Expedia, or Orbitz, you also make sure the company provides the services you need to be satisfied at the most economical rate. In retail, be sure to find a merchandising display company that will partner with you using a proven approach that is creative, responsive and thorough in attention to detail. You’ll want to find a partner that will work with you and balance your brand objectives and the value to the end user.
When it’s almost time for take-off, you gather everything you need to enjoy your trip. You pack your essentials, bring an extra set of clothes, and prepare for the unexpected. You’ve planned ahead and prepared what you’ll need. In retail, before you move forward to production, you’ll need to make sure you have everything you’ll need. Get your retail checklist and keep it handy.
Enjoy your trip!
You’ve worked hard to get where you’re going so make sure to appreciate it!
David Anzia, Senior VP-Sales, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.