Christian Davies

Design Practice Leader | Bergmeyer

Christian Davies brings 30-plus year’s experience as a creative leader, working with brands across the globe, from disruptive startups to the very top Fortune 500 contenders in retail, experiential, beauty, fashion, hospitality, technology, luxury and more. His veteran status includes more than 100 national and international design awards (15 of which earned top honors for Store of the Year Awards). As a Design Practice Leader for Bergmeyer, Davies brings a thoughtful and provocative approach to leading and inspiring its teams, projects, and clients through purposeful brand identity exploration and the shaping of meaningful and memorable physical environments. Prior to Bergmeyer, Davies served as Managing Director of the Creative Marketing Group at Verizon, Creative Vice President of Global Design and Innovation for Starbucks, Executive Creative Director of the Americas at Fitch, and Vice President/Managing Creative Director at FRCH Design Worldwide.